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Found Film Friday: Only Briefly Misplaced

Every week I post a roll of “found” film that has been forgotten in someone’s attic or inside a camera, often for half a century.  You never know what you’re going to end up with though.  With the old spools, … Continue reading

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Driving in Chennai: Timelapse

In time-lapse photography, it’s common to keep the camera pretty still and let the subject do the moving – or if at all, to move the camera very slowly.  But it can also be fun to do a moving camera … Continue reading

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Namibia: Street View

I don’t think we really have Google Street View in Namibia just yet.  In fact, I don’t believe they have worked out where the different house numbers are on the streets – GPS systems just get you to the right … Continue reading

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Another Wonderful Namibian Timelapse

While this one appears to be a commercial promo, it still does an amazing job capturing the photographer’s paradise that Namibia is, and can be for those willing to come and explore the country. Enjoy! NAMIBIA from Rufus Blackwell on … Continue reading

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Namibian Nights: The Best Timelapse Ever

I’ve looked at a lot of timelapses, and after a certain number of them you just start to want to fast forward through them because they’re spectacular and all, but after awhile everything just sort of starts to look the … Continue reading

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Town of Ghosts

Awhile back, I posted about photographing ghost towns – specifically Kolmanskop, Namibia.  When we looked at photographing the town, we thought about whether it might look better in black and white – but that morning, the warm light made everything … Continue reading

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Under the Namibian Sky (Time Lapse)

Namibia is truly one of the most amazing places for stargazing – sparse population, cloudless sky… Here is a timelapse by a group of folks who spent 10 days (and nights) on a Namibian farm doing just that.  Add a … Continue reading

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21 Sunsets – a timelapse project

I love doing timelapses – especially of natural phenomena.  But I admit it can be a lot harder than it first appears – if you want to do it right.  But moving to Namibia and finding housing on a westward-facing … Continue reading

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Flower TimeLapses using iPad

I’ve noticed a number of the flowers here in Namibia open and close daily.  Especially some of the succulents and cacti.  What that means is that if I want to do timelapse videography I can try and record every day … Continue reading

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iPad 2 Stop-Motion: Windhoek Sunset

Here’s another attempt at using the iPad 2 and the TimeLapse HD app to create a timelapse video.  This one consists of stills taken every 5 seconds from a rooftop in Windhoek, Namibia.  There is a bit of flicker toward … Continue reading

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Review: iPad App Timelapse Camera HD

As I continue to look for ways to make my iPad useful beyond being a lightweight web browser / game console, I came across a handy app for creating timelapse videos:  the aptly named Timelapse Camera HD.  This elegant and … Continue reading

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