North Korean propaganda: Life in the USA

One of the worst things being done to the North Korean people can be seen in the video below.  To our eyes the claims may seem ridiculous, maybe even funny.  But for an entire people who are being kept in the dark by a dictatorial regime whose irrational behavior relies more and more upon ensuring its people are completely ignorant of the world around them, this is tragic.  Worse, as the North Korean regime continues its irresponsible saber-rattling and antagonistic behavior to try and goad South Korea into escalating the currently tense situation, we need to remember that it’s the North Korean people who will pay the ultimate price for any miscalculation or misunderstanding – after having spent decades in starvation-like conditions in order to enable the regime.

If it ever came to war, I wonder how many North Koreans have accepted this kind of characterization?  Imagine the shock of coming face to face with reality, and the knowledge of having been betrayed for three generations.

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