Diptic: The Coolest Photo App Ever (With a Mediocre Name)

Ever want to share a bunch of photos, but couldn’t make up your mind which? Whether you post on Facebook or attach them to an email, it would be great to combine a bunch of related shots into a single image.

The app, “Diptic” (available on Apple devices and Android) lets you do exactly that.  Even cooler, you don’t have to put all the photos you want to combine on the device – you can pull the photos from a number of different places, including all the obvious ones – Flickr, Facebook, or snap a quick photo with the device.  You get nearly 200 layouts to choose from (and more you can download), although honestly I can’t figure out why you’d want to use some of the more ornate ones.  But you get plenty for what you need.

Once you’ve imported your photos, you can rotate, edit, reposition or apply a number of different filters to the photos, as well as different textures to the borders.  Personally, I like using a plain black border best. You can even add text! Once your collage is complete, you can save it, email it, create an electronic postcard, or upload it to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumbler, or other apps you may have on your computer (such as Adobe Revel, for instance).

I think the only thing missing is a good, descriptive name.  But maybe I’ve missed the point on that and someone can explain it to me.

Here’s an example or two of what you can do with the app, illustrating examples of the simple and the fancy layouts:

8706717269_b908cfa1a3_z (1)


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