iPad for video and music creation

Although you can’t beat the price for video and music editing software when it comes to iFilm and GarageBand for the iPad, trying to create a video from top to bottom using nothing but an iPad 2 still leaves a bit to be desired.  Probably people who have never used any other video or music programs never notice – but I find myself constantly wishing I could resize the video, fade music in and out, or make color alterations.  This is to say nothing of trying to use an iPad to record video in the first place.

I recently took a trip to the Namibian coastal town of Swakopmund, and took the very rare step of bringing neither a camera nor a computer.  Of course, as I arrived, the “golden hour” at sunset was approaching (the hour or so after dawn and before sunset when the light lets you capture amazing footage) and I thought the wind and waves at sunset on the westward-facing coast would make for some good video.  So I grabbed my iPad.

The video below is the result – all of the footage was captured with the iPad (you can see some of the auto-balance and lighting issues), edited using the iFilm app, and then I added some music made in iPad’s GarageBand.  It runs a bit long at the end, mainly because the music is a bit long.  Then I uploaded it to YouTube and cheated a bit – using the stabilize function to cut down on the movement caused by the strong coastal wind hitting the iPad while I was recording.  I think it turned out OK.  Yes, that is a dead penguin on the beach.

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