Found Film: Gone Fishing

I’ve published a few posts recently about “found film” – old rolls of film that pop up from time to time, of unknown age and origin.  This set of photos seems to be from a family fishing trip  They are all 6 x 6 cm negatives on 120 film, which means there would have been 12 on the roll, but it seems only 4 images turned out after all this time.

Back in the day when these were taken, there doesn’t appear to have been a 2- or 3-fish limit!  Nice catch, grandpa!

Grandpa's Gone Fishing

In the second photo, the proud patriarch looks on as junior seems to be cleaning the catch. Notice how junior’s hair is neatly and stylishly brylcreem’ed back, even though they’re on a fishing trip. Maybe someone else is on the trip who he’s trying to impress?

Nice Catch

OK look, there are only 12 exposures on this roll – could you kindly step back while I’m taking pictures?

Grandpa Looks on

Fish Book

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