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…but what’s there to do in southern Madagascar?

In our quest to see everything there is to see in Madagascar (for which, honestly speaking, there is simply not enough time, but we’re trying our absolute best!) we recently made our way to south Madagascar.  Specifically, we went to … Continue reading

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Found Film: The Alberts Go Fishing

It’s time to share another batch of Raymond Albert’s photos. In this batch, Raymond (shown above) goes on a fishing trip with some friends and family. I’m not sure where this lake is – probably in Maine, but there are … Continue reading

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Kasimedu Fishing Harbor

At the northern end of Chennai’s coast, just north of the Chennai port, where, at any given time, hundreds of trucks stretch in a long line waiting to load or unload goods, is Kasimedu fishing harbor – also known as … Continue reading

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Found Film: Gone Fishing

I’ve published a few posts recently about “found film” – old rolls of film that pop up from time to time, of unknown age and origin.  This set of photos seems to be from a family fishing trip  They are … Continue reading

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