Getting Better at Black and White

I love my Kodak Monitor 620 – this camera from the 1940s has taken a bit of time to master – especially since I’m new to film / analog photography anyway –  but I’m finally getting quality images out of it.  Just wanted to share:

View from Crater Lake

I’m amazed at the detail you can get from medium format film. I don’t think you can get resolution like this from 35mm. This shot is from Crater Lake, looking outward away from the lake. The same point about detail / resolution goes for the photo below as well.


O'Brien Post Office

With this old police sedan parked out front, this looks like it could be from the 1950s – but this scene from O’Brien, Oregon is taken in 2013.


This is an old barn in eastern Oregon – I love how it came out. The roof blends into the sky a bit, but other than that it’s much better than I expected.

And lastly, these street musicians. This photo is a mistake – somehow I managed to override the mechanism in the camera that’s supposed to prevent this – and I have a photo of a couple of street musicians and a sidewalk in Arcata, overlaid by some spooky trees on the coast a few hours away.

Street Musicians

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