Found Film: “Backyard Family” and “My Puppy”

In a continuing series in which I share photos I get from old rolls of film that turn up out there, whose original owners forgot to ever develop them…

Here are a couple of rolls where I barely got anything whatsoever, but you can still make out just a bit of detail.

The first is a roll of Kodacolor-X on a 620 spool which came from Pittsburgh, PA.  Tragically, I made a mistake spooling the film inside the changing bag, and parts of the film were touching each other in the developer chemicals.  But through the fog you can still make out the details of a family in their back yard, posing for photos.  Lots of “bowl haircuts” make me thing this is from the mid-1970s.





The second roll is a 24-exposure roll of 110 film, Fotomat brand.  The film and camera were already pretty cheap to begin with, but time has taken a further toll.  Using such a small negative didn’t help things, even when the film was fresh.  From the haircuts and clothing, I’d guess this film is from the early 1970s, and someone has a Very Special Dog!






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