“Found Film Friday”: from Fort Wayne, Indiana

This blog bounces around a bit depending on what I’m interested in on a particular day of the week, so maybe I will post “found film” articles on Fridays from now on.  There are a few folks out there doing “52 film cameras in 52 weeks”, which could be fun (I’d probably be up to week 15 or 20 by now) and then there are the photowalks, along with other strange things that pop up – but there is only one day that starts with “F” so there is only one chance to be cutely alliterative…so welcome to Found Film Friday.

This film comes by way of eBay, from an estate sale in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  According to the seller, the film was found inside a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye, a camera manufactured in the 1950s.  While it is certainly possible that the film found in the camera was exposed much more recently, the clothing worn in the photos and the amount of fogging suggests that the photos were also taken around that time.


Ladies Posing

Girls on the Playground



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