Dispatch From Sierra Leone: Return Home

So, I’ve been back a week, but a lot has been going on.  I wanted to go back and share some final impressions of what was a fascinating, extremely challenging month in this small West African country I never imagined I’d go and visit (as an aside: under different circumstances, i.e. flights readily available and freedom to travel “upcountry”, I’d definitely go again, as a tourist!)

Here’s a final shot of the western side of the Freetown peninsula, seen from the Country Lodge Hotel:


And this is what happens when you zoom in. There’s always all these ships sitting out there in the water. I never figured out what kind of ships they were or what they’re doing – they really don’t appear to move much.

Ships at Sunset
I also managed to collect some aerial video from roughly the same vantage point, and turned that into a short video clip.  Yes, those are vultures being filmed from above, at around the 1 minute mark!

Finally, the trip home, due to all the airlines that have (in my view, irresponsibly) suspended service to Sierra Leone, was a grueling, 40+ hour ordeal that took me through Casablanca, Zurich and Dubai, back to India (my suitcase took the same trip, but a few days later). I took advantage of one of these long layovers and ventured out into Dubai. Sharing the handful of photos I took there, if you’re interested. Click on the right side of the screen to see all 7 or so photos.

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