Thousands of bugs were bubbling up out of the ground…you’ll never guess what happened next!

On the grounds of a posh Himalayan resort – where the monkeys are normally kept at bay by G4S guards carrying long sticks – thousands of winged insects were bubbling up from the ground – seemingly from nowhere – and taking wing. It was the weirdest thing, because it was like they were appearing out of thin air. We checked the area later and there appeared to be no tunnels that they could have come up from. Of course this was a feast for the birds. But we didn’t expect monkeys to be feasting. Neither did they! As they frantically feasted on what must have seemed like manna from heaven, they kept looking around nervously. It was like they were looking for a hidden camera. But probably they were keeping an eye out for the guards…

If you can help identify the insects and where they might have come from, there are a few photos below. We thought maybe “mayflies” – but those tend to live most of their lives in water, not underground.



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