World Run Day MasterCard Spoof

November 7 was this year’s “World Run Day”.  For those who haven’t heard of World Run Day, the organization’s web site states, “It is a day for runners worldwide to join each other, wherever their location, in a celebration of running and charitable giving.”  You can sign up, get a T-shirt and a bib number, and wherever you are in the world, run a course and distance of your own choice sometime during the day.  To fully participate, the idea is you also contribute to a charity of your choice.  So I figured, why not?  And my 8-year-old hovawart, Keiler and I headed out.

My dog loves to run.  We have been running buddies since, well – since he was able to run.  We’ve run all over Europe and in the US – both east and west coast.  He worked for a few years as a Therapy Dog in Fort Bragg, but he’s retired now, and he lives to run…and to sneak out of the yard on a jaunt when no one is paying attention.  Unfortunately, about a year and a half ago, his hip dysplasia became an issue.  So we got him an artificial hip.  And some docs say not to run, but he doesn’t have to work very hard to keep up with me.  We’ve continued to run ever since.

So anyway, we headed off.  But things didn’t turn out so well.  You see, in the Netherlands, they have traffic cameras, freeing the police to fight REAL crime.  Like when people let their dogs off-leash in the woods.  So I was cited (60 euros!) for that.  Then I got back to the van and realized that somewhere along the 5 mile route, I had lost my car key.  So I asked some passersby if I could use their phone to call for a ride.  While I was on the phone, Keiler found a noxious mud pit (he likes those too).  Fortunately I had my Flip camera with me all along, and I decided to put everything together in a kind of MasterCard “priceless” spoof.  Our tribute to World Run Day 2010.  Hope you enjoy it.

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One Response to World Run Day MasterCard Spoof

  1. Kenzo says:

    Loved the video. Keiler is a wonderful dog too.
    I have a blog about Hovawarts and featured your video, hope you won’t mind.
    Keep running Keiler!

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