Help Us Win! (please?)

For our latest video contest entry, my daughter and I teamed up.  My daughter has become a video editing enthusiast in her own right and checks several online web sites about once a week for contests she wants to enter.  She found the Green Eggs and Ham “Ham it Up” Contest being run to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the book and immediately saw the potential.

So as the creative director, my 12-year-old designed the costumes, cutting and sewing her outfit from a fuzzy blanket, and we made her hat from an old bathrobe and chicken wire.  She insisted I wear a suit and a fake mustache to appear stuffy.  She wanted to go with a musical book theme so I “re-designed” the original cover with live action, composed and recorded a 2-minute piece of music that would work with the text, and then she choreographed the routine.  We recorded and edited the whole thing in a single day – 10/10/10.

So what’s at stake if we win?  Well, we need your votes to get in the top 11.  From there, the Dr. Seuss people will choose a grand prize winner who will be awarded $2,000 in cash, a collector’s print, a year’s supply of ham, and the full Dr. Seuss collection.  The ten runners-up get prints, a grocery gift certificate, and the books.

If we are fortunate enough to win, the ham will be donated to the needy – likely a facility serving veterans.  As for the rest, we’re not going to count our chickens before our (green) eggs hatch.

It only takes a moment to vote – click on this link to do so. You will need either a Dr. Seuss login, or you can log in (and share with others!) on Facebook.  And the good news is, you can vote EVERY DAY!

Just want to watch the video? Check it out below:

I will likely blog about how we made some parts of the video in the coming days.  Had to get a little tricky with our consumer software to accomplish what my daughter wanted.  Thanks for your support!

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