Cabbit J. Tutelary – a Kickstarter Animation

I was introduced another interesting animation project on Kickstarter by John Kassab, the project’s sound designer.  The animation, called Cabbit J. Tutelary, consists of a unique style of hand-drawn (with ultra fine sharpies) frames running at 12 fps.  The creative force behind the film, “The Soogie” (G. Sugano) has been working on this project for 3 years, and used a previously funded Kickstarter campaign to upgrade his equipment, having started the process with an old Mac Mini, a scanner, a very outdated Nikon D70 digital camera, and sharpie pens. He has no formal training but has a creative spirit and some time on his hands – he is housebound due to illness, apparently.  In the course of his project it seems he has attracted additional talent, and they’d like to take the project to the next level.  Hopefully, with your help, they can!  They need less than $500 to continue, but there isn’t much time left.

Here’s the trailer featured on Kickstarter:

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