Namibian Blues. Or German.

When 18 white dudes from southern Africa with German names get together for a blues show, you know it’s gonna be authentic.  Or was that ironic.

Anyway, enjoyed a rare blues show in Windhoek a couple weeks ago when local “Mojo Blues Band” teamed up with the 11-piece brass “Wikiaphoniker Orchestra.”  Although at times there was something just not quite right – I could never put my finger on it – with the sound, you’ve got to hand it to these guys who obviously know their American blues history and lore, and put on an energetic show for an audience of older white people from southern Africa mainly speaking German.  Hey, like I always say – this is Africa.

They probably didn’t want me recording this sampler, but then ZZ Top probably didn’t want these guys performing their song for money either.  Let’s call it even.

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