Check out Namibia’s ‘Shishani’

One of Namibia’s rising young talents needs your help!

Namibian musicians have a hard time “breaking out” – primarily as a result of Namibia’s small population – just over two million, around the same size as the city of Houston!  Namibia also has one of the biggest income disparities in the world, which means that many of those two million people may not be able to afford supporting a struggling young musician by buying music or attending shows.  Even in the case of Namibia’s biggest music talents, I haven’t found music available on iTunes or otherwise internationally available.

So it’s always great to come across someone with the talent to possibly cross that threshold.  Despite less than 10% of Namibians having access to the internet, Shishani has turned to Indiegogo for help in recording her debut album.  Check it out!

In case you’re interested in hearing some of her work (and seeing a bit of Windhoek), you can also check out the video below.  Also find Shishani on ReverbNation.

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