Macro [micro] Photography – Spider

Since the unhappy theft of my camera and laptop, I’ve been relatively silent on the blog as there’s not a whole lot of photo/video action to write about. But I’m still enjoying the digital microscope I got recently from the Sharper Image – essentially a kids’ science toy, but I’m not ashamed to admit in some ways I’m still a kid at heart.

Today I had some fun with a spider. He’s only about a quarter inch long. No spiders were harmed in the making…

The side of his head – showing two of his lateral eyes, at bottom right, and top left.

Another shot of that eye on the side of its head

This is one of his feet.  Those “hooks” must be how spiders hang on to a vertical surface.

Here, a top-down view of his head – now the location of the eyes photographed earlier can be more easily seen.

Who knows….some random spider body part!

Again top of the head, with its main eyes looking toward the left of the image.

…and finally, a full photo of our furry friend.  Next time, a white background would be better.  Oh, and don’t ask what kind of spider it is – that’s for YOU to figure out!  Hint:  Windhoek, Namibia.

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