Life and Death at Avis

We have this pretty amazing reservoir just outside Windhoek created by Avis dam – it’s a wildlife protected area / bird sanctuary / dog walking area / jogging area.  And fishing/boating pond.  And you can get some awesome pictures out there if you pay attention.  Examples:

An egret takes flight


Pretty good fishing at Avis – above, the heron has a pretty good sized fish in its mouth; below, it’s on its way down.

I take a lot of pictures of the herons, but I thought this one turned out particularly well.


My wife came across this dead puff adder one day.  I let her know that they still can still bite (reflex) for awhile after they are dead.

And there is also danger from above. I believe it’s an African hawk-eagle, but I’m not entirely sure.

This appears to be a dassie, or rock hyrax, which must have tumbled off the nearby cliff.  Possibly in conjunction with an encounter with one of the eagles above.  What I found odd was that it was being eaten by three rather large crabs.  How did freshwater crabs make their way to a reservoir in a desert country?  Below, a close up of one of the lil’ fellers


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