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Anjezika: Antananarivo’s “Waterworld”

This is Anjezika. Once a vibrant fishing and rice-growing village, it has gradually been encircled and choked off by the surrounding city of Antananarivo, Madagascar.  Now, nobody grows anymore rice here.  A few small fish can be collected from the … Continue reading

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As in many parts of the world, when you drive around urban areas of Madagascar, people will tap on your window asking for money.  Frequently these are little people.  There are many theories about how to respond – sometimes the … Continue reading

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Children of the Street: Ankorondrano

A group of about a dozen kids gathers on a small patch of green with a few benches and trees.  Basically a large roundabout.  Imagine an oblong Dupont Circle, except Starbucks is 3,000 miles away.  The sound of traffic is … Continue reading

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Love Your Neighbor

Truth be told, we didn’t ask to come to Madagascar just for the lemurs – although they’re a pretty nice bonus.  A big reason we came here because we want to try and make a difference, somewhere, in someone’s lives; … Continue reading

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Photowalk: Triplicane

After the long series of posts on Goa, we’ve been back home again for a few weeks, and I’ve been able to join another photowalk.  This time, it was to the part of Chennai known as “Triplicane”, which is one … Continue reading

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A cardboard bicycle?? Yeah, but is it lighter than carbon fiber?

There’s a story making the rounds about a guy who has invented a bicycle nearly entirely made of cardboard.  In short, they told him it couldn’t be done, and he went and proved them wrong – the best kind of … Continue reading

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Video: the Home of Good Hope

Every now and then I get an opportunity to take a break from filming bugs and upside down chins and silly stuff, to making a video with some social value.  I heard there was a need to show overseas donors … Continue reading

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