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Digitally enhancing analog photos – is it cheating?

The whole “back to basics” photography movement, with its return to analog film and (in some cases) cheap plastic lenses has a kind of purity about it that doesn’t mesh well with all of the computer-aided post-processing of photos we … Continue reading

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Sandboarding. Swakopmund. Sony Vegas

For years, I’ve been editing with versions of Adobe Premiere and Premiere Elements, and the one complaint I’ve always had is its tendency to lock up on most computers. ┬áThe exception has been my old desktop running XP with 512 … Continue reading

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Editing Your Own Videos

People often ask me for recommendations on what to use to edit their own videos. My first suggestion is of course to hire me to do it for you! But here are some other ideas if you want to give it a go on your own. Continue reading

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