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Flower Collage

Here’s a fun photo project…and an idea I stole from my wife (I explained to her that I was improving on her idea – it didn’t go over well).  Go find a green space and see how many flowers you … Continue reading

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Photography Tips: Kanchipuram, India – the “City of One Thousand Temples”

We recently had the opportunity to visit Kanchipuram, a city about 70 km from Chennai.  Nicknamed “The City of Thousand Temples”, the city may well have temples approaching that number – we didn’t count.  Many of them are historically and … Continue reading

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Improvising a Lightbox to View Dark Negatives (Found Film)

This is probably not a problem that comes up too often,  But the good news: I have a solution! What can you do when your negatives are so dark, your scanner can’t “see” any image?  This happened to me the … Continue reading

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Digitally enhancing analog photos – is it cheating?

The whole “back to basics” photography movement, with its return to analog film and (in some cases) cheap plastic lenses has a kind of purity about it that doesn’t mesh well with all of the computer-aided post-processing of photos we … Continue reading

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MySpace Resurrected, Photoshop to Close

I know, right?  MySpace is back.  I just got my invitation to join the new MySpace and decided to go and check it out.  Based on what I’ve seen so far, I’m not too optimistic – though the younger crowd … Continue reading

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Water & Sky Photography: Fixing the Horizon in “Post”

This is a pretty basic point, really – but I see the same mistakes made over and over by hobbyist photographers.  In my experience, virtually every photo you take that has a prominent horizon in it will require some correction … Continue reading

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Photos of Namibia

Now that internet access has become somewhat reliable (and not prohibitively expensive) I’ve started uploading some of the photos I’ve managed to collect from our travels in Namibia.  The original photos were taken by my family, but I did some … Continue reading

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