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Yet Another Sh*tty Camera Challenge

If you spend any time on “film photography twitter” you’ll have heard about the CULT (allegedly) that is the Sh*tty Camera Challenge. The rules are simple: find a camera that costs less than a roll of film and see what … Continue reading

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My Entries in the #ShittyCameraChallenge

I laughed when I saw the announcement on Twitter: As I am known to use shitty cameras to make shitty pictures, this seemed perfect for me.  I decided this would be a great opportunity to try out this camera I … Continue reading

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One-Way Ticket to Mars: Now Accepting Applications

(Updated on Apr 23, 2013 – see bottom of post) The organization “Mars One” has just released its eligibility requirements to become an astronaut in their 2023 Mars mission.  And the good news is, if you’re over 18 and reasonably intelligent, … Continue reading

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Tired of Shelling Out Ten Grand to Sing “Happy Birthday”?

What’s that? You’re not paying Time Warner, the copyright holder, for the rights to sing “Happy Birthday to You” in a public place? You could be opening yourself up to a lawsuit! That’s apparently what they charge. It’s probably just … Continue reading

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