My Entries in the #ShittyCameraChallenge

I laughed when I saw the announcement on Twitter:

As I am known to use shitty cameras to make shitty pictures, this seemed perfect for me.  I decided this would be a great opportunity to try out this camera I spotted some time ago in a camera shop in Chennai, India.  It looks like a large 35mm film roll but opens up to expose the shitty lens.  You advance the film by rotating the left side of the camera.  It even has a flash!  I’m not telling whether the camera cost more than the film.  It’s close.

….and here are the entries:

The photo above is my favorite on the roll.  Kids at the Youth Center we built are curious about my odd camera.

Scenes from Antananarivo make full use of the full range of the camera’s shittiness.  Incidentally, I’m using Tri-X 400 film.

The photo above is one of the few indoors photos I took with the flash.  Nothing too remarkable, but it seems to work ok.

Weird things happening along the sky of the photo above and below.  Above, rice fields in Antananarivo; below, Antananarivo skyline.

Two boys, begging, keep haranguing me for money but eventually their curiosity gets the better of them as they watch me fiddle with my strange camera with no screen you can swipe.  Below, another view from the bridge on which we’re standing.

Finally, I ran into this man who was keeping his turkeys from running out into the street.  He told me that he and a couple of his friends daily walked these turkeys from another neighborhood about a mile away and then walked the unsold ones back home.  He stayed all day to sell what he could, using two sticks to keep them in line.

So there’s my entry in the Shitty Camera Challenge.  I sure hope I can score me a slightly used Chicago album.  And the camera is going right back on the shelf with the others, probably never to be used again.

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