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Yet Another Sh*tty Camera Challenge

If you spend any time on “film photography twitter” you’ll have heard about the CULT (allegedly) that is the Sh*tty Camera Challenge. The rules are simple: find a camera that costs less than a roll of film and see what … Continue reading

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Results, #ShittyCameraChallenge, October Edition

Back in June, I was excited to post my results in the first Shitty Camera Challenge.  At the time, the results were completely appropriate for the camera I used at the time, and I still lie awake at night wondering … Continue reading

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My Entries in the #ShittyCameraChallenge

I laughed when I saw the announcement on Twitter: As I am known to use shitty cameras to make shitty pictures, this seemed perfect for me.  I decided this would be a great opportunity to try out this camera I … Continue reading

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Found Film: Kodak Hawkeye Instamatic II

I ordered one of these for a few bucks on eBay because it combined two things I like:  old cameras and found film – i.e. an undeveloped 126 cartridge was  still inside the camera, according to the seller. The Hawkeye … Continue reading

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Using emotion to persuade? Leave the sledgehammer out of it

I used to say in Army PSYOP that the most effective way to get inside an adversary’s decision cycle (i.e. get him to do something he wouldn’t otherwise do) is to do so in a way that your adversary doesn’t … Continue reading

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