Creative Bar Names in Ovamboland

The “4 O’s” region in northern Namibia is home to about half of Namibia’s population.  One of the first thing an outsider notices driving through the area is the descriptive and colorful paint jobs on the houses that line the main roads throughout the area.  Many of them are bars.  Below is a collection of bars, or “shebeens” I snapped from a moving car on the road between Ondangwa and Oshakati.

Because when you go there, you feel all sunshine-y inside?

The one below is obviously a bit more upscale…

The super sox bar offers a multitude of services.  “Honey, I’m going out to pick up some meat…back in an hour!”

(below) Copyright infringement?

The Hotline Bar appears to be a franchise – presumably there are at least two more.

A subtle reminder about drinking and driving?

Stay away from the apples in this place…

Hey, wait – wasn’t there another Top Twenty Bar?

I didn’t stop to ask if there were rooms available…


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