Found Film Friday: Bill

Found Film Friday is when we look at a roll of film that someone took long ago, and forgot to get processed/developed, and years later it ended up in my possession so that I could rescue the photos from oblivion.

Over the last two weeks we have gotten to know Bill.  Two weeks ago, I shared a roll of film with lost pictures of a wedding, and a smart-looking guy having a cigar in his back yard.  This roll of film supposedly came from Rhode Island, along with many other rolls, of which only two more came to me.  These were marked “Bill Party”, which we saw last week – and the final roll, which I will share this week, is marked “Bill Experimental.”  This is the roll it came from:


We saw Bill (?) last week opening gifts – this roll appears to be the same person, in the same chair by the window – only the entire roll is shots of him.

Sometimes the rolls of found film are more exciting than others…

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One Response to Found Film Friday: Bill

  1. GaiaGenesis says:

    Really creepy, like movie Eraserhead

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