Found Film Twofer: At the Beach and On the Farm

Not long ago, I bought a roll of Kodak Verichrome Pan 127 film that had been found inside an old Beacon II, a bakelite camera manufactured between 1947 and 1955 by Whitehouse Products in Brooklyn.  The seller threw in half a roll of black and white 35mm film – which he thought might have come from an Argus C3 – for free.  We know the film from the Beacon came from Washington state, but the other film is a complete mystery.

As it turns out, the 127 film really only yielded a single recognizable image.  Although Washington is typically cool, it’s a beach scene, and the camera may have been left in the sun, stored in a hot glove box, or else the film just didn’t do well over the years.  But because it’s only a single image (and not very clear) I’m sharing both rolls this week.  First, the 127 image:

Found Film at the Beach

Now for the other film, which ended up being more interesting.

This is our main subject for all the photos. It seems all the photos were taken the same day (or they all like wearing the same clothes days in a row, not likely!), maybe shortly after this guy acquired a horse farm?

Found Film - Horse Farm

Anyway, you know how some people always pose the same way for pictures? You pull out a camera and they immediately snap into the characteristic pose. Our hero for this roll of film always likes to put his right hand in his pocket with the thumb out, and let his left arm dangle by his side. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that – it’s just what he does. Here he is with his lovely wife:

Found Film - Horse Farm

And I imagine this might be his mother-in-law and his son. Or do you think she looks more like him (and might be his mother?)

Found Film - Horse Farm

This must be the view near their home/ranch. Is it a snowy meadow or a lake?

Found Film - Horse Farm

And finally, a picture of a horse and pony. I hope they liked living in the country.

Found Film - Horse Farm

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One Response to Found Film Twofer: At the Beach and On the Farm

  1. Lynn says:

    Here’s my theory on the pose: He is a horseman. He lost a finger or two in a roping accident and his pose is his standard when he knows he’ll be seen. (I say this because when I was a kid, I knew a horseman with missing fingers.)

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