Full-Length Album Composed on Sony PSP

That’s right, on a Sony Playstation Portable. Killing time at various airports, trains, on the beach, and during the kids’ sports practices, and using the game Beaterator, I’ve composed and recorded a full-length album. I’ve stopped short of designing cover art until the Grammy nomination arrives in the mail.  You can try this out for yourself on their website’s flash application.

Use this music as you like – Creative Commons (attribution-sharealike). Where I borrowed snippets of known melodies, I’m not the expert on copyright – I’m claiming “fair use” in that I created a new work.

1 – Prologue – short flute bit that was originally part of track 2.  Theme repeats elsewhere.

2 – Parabolic – slow beat with guitar flourishes that gradually becomes more electronic.  I like how it builds in the end.

3 – Ring Of Fear – 120bpm, a bit techno, incorporates “Ring of Fire” and other tunes.

4 – Steppe It Up – Started out a bit central Asian but ended up a bit silly.  Incorporates various melodies.

5 – Flying To Kandahar – Kind of funky, actually wrote this while flying to Kandahar.  Try that on a C130.

6 – The Matador – Tried to make this a bit Spanish sounding.  But with a techno beat.

7 – Funky Bricks – Yes, the riffs from “Brick House” and “Play that Funky Music” do fit together, in case anyone was wondering.  With a few others thrown in.

8 – Coastal Wind – Starts out reminding me of the “Prince of Bel-Air” theme.  Mellow, but builds.

9 – Ulf Attack – A bit of a Middle-Eastern sound.  Average speed.

10 – Fiddler On Crack – What happens when you mix “Fiddler on the Roof” with Beaterator?

11 – Desert Attack – Reminds me a bit of the music for an action film set in one of those “Indiana Jones” settings.  Alternates between mellow and intense.

12 – Nomad – Again, a bit of a Middle Eastern flute-techno thing.  I like this one.  I think it would sound good with proper instruments.

13 – Scuba Steve Blues – Started out with some sounds and a basic beat, and ended up with blues.  Don’t know what Scuba Steve has to do with it, except I like Adam Sandler movies.

14 – Dubai – This picks up the prologue again to round everything out.  Strong beat, and kinds of mixes together elements from all the pieces above.  Written during a flight delay in – guess where?

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