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Found Film Friday: Trip to Germany

This week’s “found film” is a roll of 35mm film that came with 5 other rolls via an eBay seller who was unwilling or unable to offer any details concerning the film’s origin.  Only one of the six rolls yielded … Continue reading

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Boys Beware: Views on Homosexuality in 1961

For a change from the standard fare offered on YouTube, it’s fun to stop by occasionally at the Prelinger Archives, a diverse collection of thousands of preserved films from the ages, all available for download in the public domain.  In … Continue reading

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AFN Commercial: Proud to Serve Again

Here’s another fun “commercial” from the Armed Forces Network, or AFN.  In this video, former military are encouraged to take up a job teaching.  While this is an admirable profession and I certainly would never suggest otherwise, whenever you’re trying … Continue reading

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Armed Forces Network: and now, a word from our sponsors…

I’m not one to complain about the Armed Forces Network – AFN has been a part of my life since the early 1970s, when we were living in Germany and it would basically play during prime time until around midnight, … Continue reading

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“Barefoot” Running: What the Services Think

Although at times I get some strange looks, apparently I’m not the only one in the military trying out Vibram’s “almost barefoot” FiveFingers shoes (see my previous post). The Army Times – and its sister publications – has an article … Continue reading

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