Flashback: Vintage Kodak Commercials

If you’ve been wallowing in depression over the demise of Kodak, here are a few vintage films to cheer you up.

First, there’s “America is Cameraland” – a 1960 infomercial (yes, they had those even then) that plays up the importance of capturing your lives in video and talks about all the great Kodak video cameras for sale:

And there’s this one, with a catchy jingle – “Kodak for Christmas”:

An advertisement for “dependable Kodak film; the film in the yellow box”. Ain’t life grand?

And finally, because they’re all cool and I couldn’t decide, here’s one where they try and persuade you to take loads and loads of photos of your pets. ¬†With helpful advice!

These films, and about a million and a half other clips or movies that are now in the public domain can be viewed or downloaded at archive.org.

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