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A few months ago, I wrote about the “One Day on Earth” project, when people all over the world were invited to submit video recorded on 11.11.11 to  Their plan was to stitch together donated footage from the vast majority of our planet’s countries into a feature film.  Well, it seems their work is nearly done, and that film will air on Earth Day – April 22nd.

Here’s the mail I got from them:

Dear One Day on Earth members,

We have two big pieces of news:

On Sunday, April 22nd, with the help of our incredible community of inspired
media creators and non-profit partners, we will screen the first
One Day on Earth film in every country in the world. Working closely with
World Heritage Sites and the United Nations, we have the pleasure to bring
local communities together in celebration for a truly worldwide cinema

Please watch the trailer in the page link below and sign-up, so you can stay
updated on screening locations in your area (or if you have a screening
location to suggest or offer).

From the ancient walls of Baku, Azerbaijan, to Stone City in Zanzibar, we
want you to join us wherever you are, to help make this event as big as


As if that wasn’t enough big news… as you wait for April 22nd, we have
plenty to keep you occupied.  We are proud to announce the launching of the
updated 2011 World Video map:

Feel free to explore by zooming into the video clusters, entering keywords,
or checking tags. We also have a growing list of “Staff Likes,” accessible
via the top menu.

We can not wait to share the One Day on Earth film with the world!


Kyle, Brandon, and the One Day on Earth Team

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One of the other cool things about the project is that all contributors have access to the full database of footage.  I’d like to think it would be fun to put together my own project – but down here in Namibia I think I’d have to wait until 12.12.12 before I was able to cram enough footage through our internet pipes.

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