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Dispatch From Sierra Leone: Sunset

Awful news from next door in Liberia in articles like this and this. Here in Freetown, we’ve gotten some relief from the rain, and (knocks on wood) the number of new ebola cases per day has slowed considerably.  Let’s hope … Continue reading

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Photography Tips: Kanchipuram, India – the “City of One Thousand Temples”

We recently had the opportunity to visit Kanchipuram, a city about 70 km from Chennai.  Nicknamed “The City of Thousand Temples”, the city may well have temples approaching that number – we didn’t count.  Many of them are historically and … Continue reading

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Sunsets: Tonemapping vs Importing from RAW

I’ve been playing around with tonemapping software – Photomatix – which can both be used to create HDR photos from bracketed JPEGs, and an HDR photo from a single RAW file. These are some photos I took of the same … Continue reading

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Make an HDR Photo from a Single Exposure

Yesterday I talked about HDR photography, and how you can combine multiple exposure photos of the same scene with software to ensure all the different parts of the scene are exposed the right amount.  What I didn’t mention is that … Continue reading

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HDR Photography: First Attempts

I’m sure everyone else has heard of “high dynamic range” or HDR photography, but for me, it’s “The Latest Thing” I’ve discovered. You know how you sometimes come across this amazing scene with lights and darks and bright colors, and … Continue reading

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