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Photo Assignment: Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial

Given that a trillion photos were snapped in 2015, the odds of snapping an “original” photo at a tourist attraction or monument/memorial in Washington are ridiculously low, but it’s fun to try and see what you can accomplish. The Vietnam … Continue reading

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Washington’s Cherry Blossoms

The last couple of weeks, the National Capital Region has been all abuzz about the annual return of the cherry blossoms.  I blogged about it the last time I was in the area for a few months, back in 2011, … Continue reading

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Rediscovering America: Shenandoah

In a long(er) blog post in October, I wrote about the benefits of a career that takes you all over the world, and highlighted the fact that being away often helps us better appreciate the natural beauty of our own … Continue reading

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We haven’t really seen any real “autumn” to speak of for a number of years, so it has been refreshing to re-experience those surprisingly brisk mornings, doing those runs where the cold air tears at your lungs a little, and … Continue reading

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Washington, DC by Night

Washington, D.C. is an interesting place to photograph, but it goes without saying that it’s completely different from the photography environment we had gotten accustomed to in India. A couple of weeks ago we became aware that there was going … Continue reading

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Found Film: Korea, 1946, roll 4 (Homecoming)

This is the fourth and final installment in a series of posts about four rolls of film that were found among items acquired in an estate sale in rural Washington state. To recap what I think I can safely assume … Continue reading

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Review: iPad App Timelapse Camera HD

As I continue to look for ways to make my iPad useful beyond being a lightweight web browser / game console, I came across a handy app for creating timelapse videos:  the aptly named Timelapse Camera HD.  This elegant and … Continue reading

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Rolling Thunder rolls into Washington DC

Memorial Day weekend, Washington, D. C., an overcast sky that doesn’t quite suggest the scorchingly hot day ahead. Standing on the DC side of the Memorial Bridge at noon with an expectant crowd along the barriers and covering the steps … Continue reading

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Washington Celebrates the End of OBL: My Take

I had the opportunity to witness the Washington, DC celebrations of Osama bin Laden’s demise at the hands of US military forces.  Watching the news on television, I felt it important to experience first-hand what was going on outside the … Continue reading

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Cherry Blossoms in our Nation’s Capital

A couple of weeks ago, the cherry blossoms in Washington, DC were in full bloom. The National Cherry Blossom Festival in the capital is in its 99th iteration and marks the coming of spring in a visual celebration of pink … Continue reading

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Adventures in our Nation’s Capital

Just returned from a grueling,longer-than-expected trip in Washington, D.C.  It wasn’t all for naught – though I had to wait until Friday for a series of grueling job interviews that had been scheduled for Monday, it resulted in a job … Continue reading

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Washington DC meets Bonanza

Sharing how I created a bonanza-like “unburning” credit, overlaid over several other images, with multiple chroma key or “green screen” effects – using basic home editing software and materials you can find around the house. Continue reading

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