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Meh. Who Needs Pixar?

Remember the technological wizardry, engineering know-how, and computing power it took to make Toy Story?  Well, a couple of teens (and a whole bunch of their friends) decided to see if it was possible to make a “live action” version.  … Continue reading

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Amazing Jelly Bean Stop-Motion

Take a look at this stop-motion music video made for Kina Grannis’ song “In Your Arms.”  And before you look at it, take note of the fact that it is 100% stop-motion – no green screen, no CGI. This video … Continue reading

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Flower TimeLapses using iPad

I’ve noticed a number of the flowers here in Namibia open and close daily.  Especially some of the succulents and cacti.  What that means is that if I want to do timelapse videography I can try and record every day … Continue reading

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iPad 2 Stop-Motion: Windhoek Sunset

Here’s another attempt at using the iPad 2 and the TimeLapse HD app to create a timelapse video.  This one consists of stills taken every 5 seconds from a rooftop in Windhoek, Namibia.  There is a bit of flicker toward … Continue reading

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Review: iPad App Timelapse Camera HD

As I continue to look for ways to make my iPad useful beyond being a lightweight web browser / game console, I came across a handy app for creating timelapse videos:  the aptly named Timelapse Camera HD.  This elegant and … Continue reading

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Sometimes a simple video can be a challenge to make

Just outside the town of Oberammergau, in Bavaria, Germany, there is a small cave or niche carved into the cliffside overlooking the road.  In this niche stands a statue of Jesus, oh, I’d say about 12 to 15 feet tall.  … Continue reading

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Sky and Sea Videos – Pitfalls to Avoid

The other day I was working on a home video of a recent vacation to Egypt, and I invited my 12-year-old to a pre-screening of my near-final draft (a shorter version here), and she told me it was all wrong.  … Continue reading

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Why We Create

Sometimes I find myself caught up in the creative process of editing a video to the point where it competes with other responsibilities (and pleasures) in life, and possibly borders on obsession.  Sitting at the computer in the late hours … Continue reading

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TimeLapse on Vimeo

I’ve been continuing to research better timelapse video, and found a great channel on Vimeo. I could sit and watch these all day!  I’m concluding the best way to do landscape/nature timelapse where you may be operating in low light … Continue reading

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Weather Stop-Motion “how-to”, vol 2

You’ve all seen it on Survivor: someone takes an interesting weather feature, such as moving clouds or a sunset, and either uses stop-motion techniques or radically speeds up the footage to create an interesting effect. It’s a fun technique that can make for a useful clip to use as an intro, outro, scene-setter or transition. The big-time moviemakers probably use something fancier than what I’m about to describe here, but virtually anyone can do this with consumer video-editing software. As I found out, however, it’s a little tricker than I thought. Continue reading

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