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Varanasi: The View from Mother Ganga

Varanasi, India is, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world.  Also known as Benares, Banaras or Kashi, the city’s identity is inseparable from the River Ganges, along whose left bank the city of just over 1 million residents … Continue reading

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In Namibia, the best light for photos is within 10 minutes of sunrise

Driving through the Namibian desert just outside the coastal town of Swakopmund at about 0545 can give you a real visual treat. It would have been more spectacular with a bit more of the fog/mist the area is known for, … Continue reading

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Sky and Sea Videos – Pitfalls to Avoid

The other day I was working on a home video of a recent vacation to Egypt, and I invited my 12-year-old to a pre-screening of my near-final draft (a shorter version here), and she told me it was all wrong.  … Continue reading

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Weather Stop-Motion “how-to”, vol 2

You’ve all seen it on Survivor: someone takes an interesting weather feature, such as moving clouds or a sunset, and either uses stop-motion techniques or radically speeds up the footage to create an interesting effect. It’s a fun technique that can make for a useful clip to use as an intro, outro, scene-setter or transition. The big-time moviemakers probably use something fancier than what I’m about to describe here, but virtually anyone can do this with consumer video-editing software. As I found out, however, it’s a little tricker than I thought. Continue reading

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