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DJI Mavic Pro: First Flight! (Antananarivo, Madagascar)

Finally, it has arrived! Back in mid-October, I heard that DJI, the company that manufactured the first drone I owned, was releasing a small, foldable drone with an integrated camera.  In other words, one that would allow me to carry … Continue reading

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3DR Solo: Droning in the Snow

I love these camera-toting quadcopters.  Partly because it’s just fun to fly stuff around (yes, I’m still about 12 at heart) but mostly because of the new opportunities they offer for photography and videography.  After seeing the first few videos … Continue reading

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Camera Test: Ansco Shur-Shot Jr

The 1948 Ansco Shur-Shot Jr. box camera, a simple little contraption of mostly sheet metal and cardboard, uses a basic design that has not really changed much over 50 years. The only real “upgrades” from box cameras you might see … Continue reading

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Vintage: Testing the Houghton Folding Ensign 3 1/4A

If you’re at all interested in my occasional posts about trying to make old cameras work, read on – this one is the oldest one yet.  The Houghton Folding Ensign 3 1/4A was manufactured in London around 1912, and is … Continue reading

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Review: Phantom 2 Quadcopter

One of my photographer friends posted a video on Facebook a couple of weeks ago and wrote something along the lines of, “This video is guaranteed to convince you to buy a GoPro and a Quadcopter…” He was right.  Proceed … Continue reading

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Testing the Agfa Silette Rapid F

When I’m considering vintage cameras for purchase, I specifically look for cameras that still appear to work, and for which film can still be acquired somehow.  Then, periodically, I grab a couple and test them out.  This week, it’s the … Continue reading

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New Sony NEX-VG20 – low light test (wildlife at night)

I was pretty nervous about the new camera I recently ordered – the Sony NEX-VG20 is an interchangeable-lens camcorder that boasts a sensor the size of most still cameras (23.4 X 15.6mm) – which, in addition to the versatility offered … Continue reading

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